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Official start construction wind farm Nijmegen-Betuwe

With the unveiling of the construction sign the construction of wind farm Nijmegen Betuwe officially started today. Councilwoman Harriet Tiemens of Nijmegen gave the go-ahead together with members of the co-operation Windpower Nijmegen. Lagerwey supplies four wind turbines toWindpower Nijmegen, a citizens‘ initiative that gives everybody from the region the possibility to become co-owner by investing in this wind […]

Lagerwey signs Gelders Energieakkoord

Wind turbine developer Lagerwey signed the Gelders Energieakoord (GEA) during the celebration of the first anniversary of GEA on March 17. Huib Morelisse, CEO of Lagerwey: „Lagerwey is proud of its history as well known and appealing Gelders company. The signing symbolizes the contributions the company will provide to the joint strengthening of the energy […]

First foundation wind farm Netterden

The first of six foundations for wind farm Netterden was laid last week. The foundation has been made by Reef-Infra BV, commissioned by Lagerwey, and civil contractor KSD. The remaining five foundations will follow in the coming weeks. To harden the foundations they are covered up immediately after. The strength development is monitored by measurements and will be […]

Link Magazine: Tailwind for Lagerwey

A simple, genuine Dutch product. That’s how director Henk Lagerweij defines the wind turbine his business engineers and builds.  For the production of some parts he used the expertise of suppliers, but assembly is carried out entirely in-house. With the latest innovation – the modular steel mill – the company is going to compete with the big […]

Lagerwey drives first pile for Windpark Netterden

Today Lagerwey has driven the first pile into the ground to build the foundation of six wind turbines at Netterden. Netterden wind farm will annually generate electricity for about 7,200 households. The wind farm is an initiative of BAM Construction and Engineering, YARD ENERGY, Achterhoekse Green Energy Association (AGEM) and the municipalities of Oude IJsselstreek […]