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Ronald Boerkamp new Sales Director at Lagerwey

On 15 August 2016, Ronald Boerkamp will start work as Sales Director at wind turbine manufacturer Lagerwey. Boerkamp has considerable experience in the wind energy sector, which includes a position as Director of Sales at Vestas.  Boerkamp will be overseeing the sales team at Lagerwey, which currently features seven people who are active in the […]


Lagerwey wants to help enthuse more young people for a technical education, so Lagerwey features in the video from TechniekTalent.nu. The aim is to enthuse young people for technique in order to gain technical talent for the technical sectors.  

First Rotor lift at wind farm Netterden

On June 15, 2016 the first rotor was lifted of wind farm Netterden Azewijn. A spectacular sight which also attracted the media. Both Omroep Gelderland and Regio8 arrived on location. Omroep Gelderland Regio8 The wind farm consists of six 2MW wind turbines that generate electricity annually for approximately 7,200 households. The wind farm is an initiative of […]

Lagerwey Crane

On June 15, 2016 Lagerwey presented the Lagerwey Crane to the public at the Dutch Wind Days in Rotterdam. The presentation of the Lagerwey Crane resulted in several articles. http://www.ad.nl/amersfoort/bedrijf-uit-barneveld-ontwerpt-klimmende-kraan~a130eea1/ http://www.telegraaf.nl/tv/dft/nieuws/26006316/__Klimmende_kraan_bouwt_windmolen__.html http://www.windtech-international.com/product-news/lagerwey-designs-climbing-crane http://www.windpowermonthly.com/article/1398705/lagerwey-unveils-climbing-crane

Lagerwey part of GROW

Lagerwey signed the GROW agreement on June 15, 2016. GROW stands for Growth through Research, development & demonstration in Offshore Wind. GROW wants to invest € 100 million within the next five years  in research, development and demonstration of innovations in offshore wind energy. The consortium – which consists of ECN, TenneT, TNO, Shell and Lagerwey – would […]

Lagerwey designs the world’s first climbing crane

Wind-turbine developer and manufacturer Lagerwey, based in Barneveld, has developed the world’s first climbing crane to enable faster and cheaper construction of wind turbines. The Lagerwey Crane doesn’t require a large base, enabling construction of wind turbines in places where it was previously impossible, such as on dikes, mountain ridges, forests and marshland. In addition, […]

Official start construction wind farm Nijmegen-Betuwe

With the unveiling of the construction sign the construction of wind farm Nijmegen Betuwe officially started today. Councilwoman Harriet Tiemens of Nijmegen gave the go-ahead together with members of the co-operation Windpower Nijmegen. Lagerwey supplies four wind turbines toWindpower Nijmegen, a citizens‘ initiative that gives everybody from the region the possibility to become co-owner by investing in this wind […]

Lagerwey signs Gelders Energieakkoord

Wind turbine developer Lagerwey signed the Gelders Energieakoord (GEA) during the celebration of the first anniversary of GEA on March 17. Huib Morelisse, CEO of Lagerwey: „Lagerwey is proud of its history as well known and appealing Gelders company. The signing symbolizes the contributions the company will provide to the joint strengthening of the energy […]