Lagerwey and NovaWind launch joint venture Red Wind

NovaWind, a Rosatoms unit responsible for the new energy programs  and its technological partner – the Dutch wind turbines’ manufacturer Lagerwey have launched a joint venture – Red Wind.

The agreement was established on November 30, 2017 in Amsterdam at the WindEurope exhibition by Alexander Korchagin, the CEO of NovaWind, and Huib Morelisse, the CEO of Lagerwey.  It is a follow-up of the License Agreement, signed earlier this year in Moscow.

According to the agreement, the parties have launched a joint venture named Red Wind B.V. Emin Askerov, the deputy director general of NovaWind, has been appointed as the CEO of the joint venture. Sjoerd Sieburgh Sjoerdsma has been appointed as managing director. The management team of the Red Wind will be assembled shortly, its core will be represented by competent international professionals.

Red Wind is responsible for the marketing, sales, delivery of the turn-key wind turbines and their after-sales support. Red Wind will also lead the localization program in Russia, contracting and providing qualification to the suppliers of NovaWind’s productions sites in Volgodonsk. The current production program includes 388 wind turbines to be delivered by Red Wind till 2022. In the business arrangement VetroSGC will remain an energy utility company and an owner of the wind farms.

“This Agreement is a result of a consistent consentive work, performed by our joint team since the License Agreement had been signed. The document reinforces our mutual commitment to the success of the wind energy program in Russia. Now I can definitely say that we have all the competences in place required to launch the Russian wind industry basing on the second to none technologies with the strongest team of managers”, – stated Alexander Korchagin, the CEO of NovaWind.

Huib Morelisse, CEO of Lagerwey: “This joint venture is a logical continuation in our joint effort building a solid and technologically advanced Russian wind industry. Together we form the basis for a new market with a huge potential. The fact that our Dutch technology is the basis for this makes us proud.”

Lagerwey will contribute its technology and expertise in 2,5MW and 4,5MW wind turbines, ensuring smooth knowledge transfer to its Russian partner. The Dutch wind turbines’ manufacturer will assist Red Wind in training of the personnel, required for the wind turbines’ manufacturing and wind farms’ operation. Also Lagerwey will supply components for the first 60 wind turbines.