Lagerwey names highest wind turbine in the Netherlands ‚David‘ in honor of Dutch windmill The Goliath

Today, the highest wind turbine in the Netherlands received its name from Groninger province representative Nienke Homan. The Lagerwey wind turbine has been named ‘David’. Referring to the neighboring windmill, The Dutch ‘Goliath’ windmill, dating back to 1897.

Ida Wierenga, miller of The Goliath: „A tongue-in-cheek name, but also very seriously. By daring tob e little, you can achieve big things. This young David will have to take it against The Goliath who has been here for 120 years, after his predecessor was destroyed by a fire in 1882. With the Lagerwey wind turbine a new era has started.“

This week, ‘David’ also supplied its first power to the grid. The 4.5 MW wind turbine with 136-meter rotor provides enough power for 5,000 households. After the summer, Lagerwey starts with the construction of a second identical wind turbine in the Eemshaven. During the construction of this turbine, Lagerwey will use the world’s first climbing crane.

Nienke Homan, representative of the Groningen province, is proud that the highest wind turbine in the Netherlands is located in her province, at Eemshaven seaport. Not only the height is notable, but also the innovative character of the Lagerwey wind turbine. New, faster and smarter techniques also stimulate new markets and employment. This strengthens our status as Energy Port in the Netherlands!“


vlnr Nienke Homan, Gedeputeerde Groningen – Henk Hutting, Growind – Henk Lagerweij, Lagerwey – Ida Wierenga, De Goliath