[de] Lagerwey selected as supplier for WP Nijmegen – Betuwe


“Wind energy, 100% made in the province of Gelderland! That is exactly what is going to happen in the project Nijmegen – Betuwe”.

Beside the A15, on the north side of Nijmegen, five wind turbines of the type Lagerwey L100-2.5MW with tip heights of almost 150m are expected to arise in the autumn of 2016.

Employer Windpark Nijmegen – Betuwe chose for modern direct drive wind turbines from Lagerwey, which have a reputation of high reliability and durability combined with low exploitation costs during the lifespan. This is financially more attractive than choosing for conventional technology (with gearbox). Beside the financial benefits, Lagerwey offered knowledge and expertise for an optimal integration of the wind park with the local solar photovoltaic- and geothermal project and supports the further development of the project.

Ard de Poot, Sales Director Lagerwey:

“The Netherlands is our home market so it is fantastic when we receive local orders from parties with a lot of expertise in the wind sector. This proves that the qualities of Lagerwey are being recognized and that -on the basis of our current scale- we are able to be successful in this very competitive market. When the permit procedures develop as expected, Nijmegen will have renewable, local produced energy from this wind park from the 2nd half of 2016. The wind park will provide electricity to more than 8,000 households!”

Lagerwey is a fast growing company and currently employs 50 people. At the time that wind park Nijmegen is realised Lagerwey is expecting to have 120 employees.

We are grateful that Windpark Nijmegen – Betuwe has granted us this order and we are proud that Lagerwey as an in the province of Gelderland based company is able to give a competitive alternative which directly affects local employment.

Pim de Ridder, Project Manager at Windpark Nijmegen – Betuwe:

Wind energy, 100% made in Gelderland! That is exactly what is going to happen in the project Nijmegen – Betuwe. Eminently sustainable wind energy thrives in the hands of local people and small businesses. This brings back the control to residents of our own energy, local and joint renewable energy generation is what we want to achieve in the cooperative Windpower Nijmegen.

With over 400 members, we are one of the larger local sustainable energy cooperatives in the province of Gelderland and we believe that now the wind project is in an advanced stage we can grow to about 1,000 members in the coming months. To make a project like this feasible we had to work with companies who think outside the traditional frameworks. Lagerwey herein has shown to be a good partner. The L100-2,5MW turbine fits perfect on this site and we expect that the machine will contribute significantly to the energy transition of Nijmegen.

In addition to supplying and installing the turbines Lagerwey has shown they can support us constructively in the cooperative idea behind the project. This excites us an makes us look forward to the next steps in our cooperation in this unique project.

More information regarding this project can be found on the website of wind park Nijmegen – Betuwe.