[de] Two new L100-2.5MW turbines at 99m and 135m hub height in Finland are producing energy.


Lagerwey has completed the Sysituuli Oy and Tuuliveikot Oy projects, two different Finnish companies owned by entrepreneurs, for the Turnkey delivery of two ‘State-of-the-Art’ wind turbines.

The new turbines, which are financed by the local present EPOP (Etelä-pohjanmaan Osuuspankki)  bank, are installed in the same region where Lagerwey installed its first Finnish turbine.

Lagerwey was responsible for the delivery, installation and commissioning of the turbines and for one of the turbines also for the foundations, access roads and cabling, a full turnkey delivery.

It took Lagerwey two weeks from arrival on site to producing power for the Sysituuli Oy project.

For the high tower Lagerwey uses its modular steel tower ( a shell tower) enabling the L100-2.5W turbine to reach a breath taking tip height of 185m, catching significantly more wind and bringing the rotor into more stable wind layers in this area where the presence of trees dominates. This tower is very suitable for the projects in Finland with more modest wind conditions, unless you bring the rotor up to a higher level. Lagerwey succeeded to develop a tower concept which finally is so cost – effective that it will motivate project developers to consider it much faster than before as most of the high tower solutions are simply too expensive.