[de] 3x L100 @99m for windpark Breda-Hazeldonk BV.


“By and for Dutch, a cooperation based on mutual confidence in each other’s extensive experience”.

Along the highway A16 from Antwerp (Belgium) to Breda (Netherlands), at the Dutch side, 3 wind turbines type L100-2.5/3.0MW with a tip height of 150m will be installed during summer next year.

The owners of the wind farm recently won the tender of the municipality of Breda. In close collaboration with Lagerwey and Rabobank a workable financing structure has been completed. Besides the fact the wind turbines are produced in the Netherlands, this project is unique due to the 1 M Euro investment by local participation, the municipality of Breda required local involvement.

Henk Lagerwey, founder and associate director of LAGERWEY:

We are extremely  happy with this order in our home market as the number of suitable projects is limited here. I am pleased that people with extensive experience in the wind sector have chosen for Lagerwey, people who know that an investment in Lagerwey wind turbines is above all a sustainable investment. We are grateful for the shown confidence in us by the directors of the wind farm, Mr. Klaas Guldie (Greentrust) and Mr. Pim de Ridder (Izzy Projects) as well as Rabobank, the financing bank. People make the difference.

This order gives us the opportunity to show the various travellers and commuters between Belgium and the Netherlands that Lagerwey, with our modern wind turbines, contributes to more sustainable energy in the Netherlands.

Pim de Ridder, owner of  IZZY PROJECTS:

When at a beautiful day you suddenly get the opportunity to realize a truly Dutch project in the city where you were born and raised, then such is an unique opportunity. Fortunately we can nowadays buy a wind turbine of a Dutch wind turbine manufacturer. The raison we chose for Lagerwey is not solely related to price / performance though also because we rely on the quality of this primeval Dutch product. Besides that I prefer to collaborate with people I like, who see opportunities, utilize those and come to an optimal solution.

The accessibility, flexibility and willingness of Lagerwey to seek for creative solutions speak to me and ask for more.

Klaas Guldie, associate director of GREEN TRUST:

Close to the end of 2011, after I visited Lagerwey, I thought: “How beautiful it would be if I could provide an order to Lagerwey for one of the projects I am working on”. The people and production processes impressed me and now, 2,5 years later, I experience that Lagerwey is growing in a solid way and I see that Lagerwey is the best choice for Wind Farm Breda Hazeldonk. I am looking forward to the collaboration during construction and the long operational period thereafter. I expect this to be a sustainable collaboration.

Jacco de Kraker, Vice President Wind energy at RABOBANK:

We put the customer first and work on appropriate solutions. The citizen participation model seems to be an attractive opportunity, but like oftentimes it is easier to introduce it then to work it out.

My colleague Casper Hoogendoorn and I love to finance wind energy projects, but lately we see that, in spite of good intentions, it is getting more complex which results in delay, targets will not easily be met. Coming to proper solutions require creativity and customized solutions. Faith amongst the involved parties and the willingness to collaborate is crucial in this perspective, it is all about people and long term relationships. Naturally also we are proud of this project, for and by Dutch people, build on mutual trust.