[de] First kWh – produced with the L100 in Finland, Teuva


With 3 weeks ahead of schedule Lagerwey recently installed the largest turbine type of its 2,5MW platform, the L100 with a rotor diameter of 100m and a hub height of 99m at a beautiful agricultural site in Mid-Western Finland, close to Teuva in the Suupohja region at a site called ‘Pettumäen’.

It is expected it will produce around 6.500 MWh annually covering the energy usage of at least 900 average Finnish households (equivalent with approx. 1.500 average European households).

Within 3 days the mechanical completion was done and the 750t crane could leave the site, leaving our engineers behind to complete and commission the wind turbine which is now running smoothly, harvesting its first wind, right on time for the windy season.

Our launching customers are two local entrepreneurs which understand the need for renewables and see their contribution to the energy – transition both as a financial and ethical investment, showing business and ethics go hand in hand in this sector.

Various other wind turbines of Lagerwey, close to this site in the municipality of Kauhajoki and Teuva, are planned to be erected before winter time next year.

Henk Lagerweij, founder and co - owner of Lagerwey says:

A decade ago the first Lagerwey direct drive turbines started harvesting the wind in Finland, now one of the first turbines based on our new platform is installed in Finland to continue to pave the road for us for many turbines to come.

I believe the Finnish people and Lagerwey have something in common, we both strive for reliability and durability, quality products which prove to be the most cost effective solution over the entire life cycle. I will personally see to it that our products perform so well that our customers become ambassadors, all of them!