[de] Lagerwey to build 2 units L100 turbines at 99m and 135m hub height


Lagerwey entered into an agreement with six individual farmers near Lelystad in the Netherlands for the Turnkey delivery of two ‘State-of-the-Art’ wind turbines.

Mr. Henk Lagerweij himself says:
Lagerwey is pleased that the customers have chosen for our quality product based on the newest generation of wind turbine technology resulting in significantly better earnings for the end user.

What pleases Lagerwey the most is that the customers have chosen for Lagerwey because of their experience in the wind sector, which experiences have resulted in the hunger for a more robust turbine with a significantly higher reliability.

The new turbines  which are financed by Rabobank will be installed in the vicinity of Lagerwey’s existing two test turbines, the L93-2.6MW at 90m hub height, which have been installed in January last year and are running extremely well ever since and exceed an availability above the 99%. That performance level might be the most convincing argument for the local farmers, which can see these turbines from their back yard, to reward the order to Lagerwey.

Lagerwey is responsible for the delivery, erection and commissioning of the turbines as well as for the foundations, access roads and cabling, a full turnkey delivery ensuring everything is in one hand.

Lagerwey uses its steel shell tower in this project, bringing the modern machinery of the L100 to a height of 135m, catching significantly more wind and herewith becoming the highest wind turbine of Flevoland and even of the Netherlands unless another taller turbine is erected before. The steel shell tower is suitable for projects in areas with more modest winds and / or forest, Lagerwey succeeded to develop a tower concept which finally is so cost – effective that it will motivate project developers to consider it much faster than before as most of the high tower solutions are simply too expensive.