[de] 27,5 MW order for Finland


Harvest the wind in Finland with Dutch partners ABN AMRO and YARD ENERGY, Dutch technology and local partnership. 11 wind turbines type L100 will be shipped to Finland in 2015, for the first 3 units the civil work has already been started. Once everything is according to plan, the first wind turbines will be erected during spring 2015 and the last ones will still harvest the winter wind of 2015 before spring 2016.

1 turbine is owned by a local investor, so in total 12 wind turbines for these two projects.


Kevin Dijkers, co-founder and co-owner of YARD ENERGY:

YARD ENERGY has long term experience with Lagerwey as wind turbine supplier. The current Lagerwey wind turbines in our portfolio of wind farms, show an excellent performance and also the organization has shown to be a reliable partner, performing according to expectation.

This new step into the Finnish wind market confirms our faith in Lagerwey, we are looking forward to a prosperous construction of our projects. The Dutch wind industry can be characterized by years of slumber while the world market was dominated by German, Danish and Chinese turbine suppliers. The new wind turbines of Lagerwey are ‘State-of-the-Art’ and are based on direct drive technology enabling lower costs per kWh. With our investment in this unique Dutch technology we hope to contribute to a successful repositioning of a true Dutch wind turbine producer.

Henk Lagerwey, co-founder and co-owner Lagerwey:

Lagerwey is proud of this extensive order! Having worked for many years to create turbines that meet our own high standards, we can now get started with mass production. Finland is our second home market, the country offers us what we need. And on the other hand Lagerwey seems to match the needs in Finland pretty well, both technology wise as commercial. Lagerwey is grateful to ABN AMRO and YARD ENERGY for the faith they show in Lagerwey. Experience and thorough market knowledge are essential to come to wise decisions. That ABN AMRO and YARD ENERGY, after a thorough due diligence period, have decided to apply our wind turbines, is something to remember, a large step forward for Holland’s only multi-MegaWatt wind turbine producer.


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