[de] Lagerwey and kaskisten tuulivoima oy start cooperation


Kaskisten Tuulivoima Oy, a Finnish project developer mainly active in the Suupohja region but also elsewhere in Finland has entered into long term partnership with Lagerwey, a Dutch wind turbine manufacturer which belong to the pioneers in the wind industry.

Kaskisten Tuulivoima Oy and Lagerwey own the shares in Lagerwey Finland Oy and will jointly work on the development and realization of wind energy projects and on sales of the wind turbines to third parties with the aim to start-up local production of wind turbines. Lagerwey Finland Oy expects to start local production activities early 2014.

The company received its first order in December last year and will install its first wind turbine, the Lagerwey L100-2.5MW, late summer 2013 close to Teuva, the turbine will be built on a small hill of approx. 15m high and together with the tubular steel tower of 98m the tip height reaches almost 165m. For various projects under development the company plans its L100-2.5MW at 135m steel shell tower, higher hub heights and the next wind turbine platform with a considerable larger rotor are under development.

“We are ready for the Finnish market and we firmly believe that the cutting edge technology we provide and the cost effective high tower solution we offer will find its way here where high quality and excellent life cycle price – performance levels are required” says Mr. Aart van de Pol, share-holder and director of Lagerwey.

“With the setup of Lagerwey Finland Oy together with Kaskisten Tuulivoima Oy, we create a solid foothold in the Finnish market to prove the strength of our product and organization and to show how we distinguish ourselves in this competitive market. Lagerwey ‘s target is to setup a production plant in the Suupohja region as soon as such can be justified by the order – intake, and such can be justified relatively fast in case of the Lagerwey technology as our product is requesting relatively low investments in production tooling and offers a high level of ‘in – house production possibilities’ resulting in high margins based on even a small ‘scale of economy’!” says Mr. Ard de Poot, Sales Manager of Lagerwey.

Mr. Jaakko Leppinen, former Ruukki employee, is starting up the first sales activities in Finland, parallel to his project development activities and takes care of the preparations for local production simultaneously. “Finland aims to realize about 2500 MW of wind power until 2020, this aim should go hand in hand with local production of ‘State-of-the-Art’ wind turbines designed by Lagerwey, the pioneer, which has over 33 years of experience in wind turbine design and manufacturing and over 17 years of experience with direct-drive technology. Lagerwey introduces a new standard to the industry ensuring it can cope with the price reduction trend in the sector resulting in lower cost prices per kWh, what significantly distinguishes Lagerwey from other manufacturers is its ability to be cost effective based on small scale of economy, exactly that helps us to start-up local manufacturing with considerably lower risks and based on a relatively small order intake.

Lagerwey Finland Oy is locally represented by Mr. Jaakko Leppinen, who is in charge of the project development and who can be considered as a senior in the young wind energy sector in Finland.